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SEO Made Simple: A Guide to Effective SEO Techniques in 2020

How many blog posts are published each day?

2 million posts are generated every day by WordPress users. 24 blog posts come out every second.

That’s just the WordPress count. If all blog posts are to be counted, the number would be higher.

People do 2.2 million searches on Google every day. This is not even taking into account the other search engine traffic.

Showing on the front page of Google can be the difference between a business being successful and one business going failing. This is where this SEO made simple guide comes in to tell you about the secrets of SEO.

What is the meaning of SEO?

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You already know by now that SEO means search engine optimization. But realistically, what exactly do you need to optimize? Is it your blog’s design or the links of your blog? Is it the writing that you need to optimize?

You are right. It’s exactly these aspects and then some.

With that being said,

Let’s understand SEO

SEO broadly means search engine optimization. It is how you can rank your webpage high on any search engine, in its unpaid space, better known as organic search results.

SEO is the optimization of your content so that any search engine shows it as the top search result when people search for a particular keyword.

You have to work on SEO in your article to make Google include that post as one of the top search results whenever someone searches for such a  keyword.

We are going to decode SEO and simplify it step by step but you can choose to read anything that interests you

Overview of SEO made simple

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Most online experiences begin with a search engine. The first 5 search results get most of the clicks. This outlines best, the importance of SEO. So here we are for you with our SEO made simple guide.

A joke making rounds on the internet summarizes that if you need to hide a dead body, you can successfully do it on the second page of Google.

If your blog or website ranks on any page on Google which isn’t the first page, then it’s the same as not ranking at all.

However, to understand how to turn up in the search engine results, you need to figure out how search works.

Google protects the over 2oo ranking determining factors on Google and not all factors are known.

The first thing in our SEO made simple guide is On-page and Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO: House cleaning concept of SEO made simple

On-page SEO is all the Google ranking factor that takes into account the content, structure of the page, the headlines, and the formatting.

Off-page, SEO is all the factors that Google takes into account that aren’t in your hands exclusively. Off-page, SEO depends on factors like social media networks, other blogs in your niche, and the personal search history of the searcher.

Off-page SEO and On-page SEO are very different from one another but both are important to do well to achieve proper SEO.

We will look at On-page SEO first.

On-page SEO

On-page, SEO has 3 broad categories.

The first is


Bill gates said content is king and it is still as relevant today.

Google search engine customers are happy to find the results that best serve his interests in the best possible way.

Google tries to give you the best experience by pointing you to the best content it can find.

This implies that your most important work is to do good SEO. Thankfully we are here to help you out with our SEO made simple guide

Nothing can sell a bad product. Even a very powerful SEO will not be able to save you. So, you need good content first and foremost.

Here are the things that make your content great:

Quality of your content

While simply delivering the best quality content out there won’t make you stand out significantly from the crowds, it is a good place to start for any SEO efforts.

Coming up with content is not super easy. You have to become a master in your field. You can start often by using other people’s content as a source of inspiration and then elaborating and expanding upon it.

Maybe you have amazing ideas of your own. Think for a while and come up with powerful headlines and start writing it. You should make habit of writing every day and work your way up from there. Quality of your content is one of the pillars of our SEO made simple guide.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a critical aspect of any good content.

You should choose the proper keywords before you start writing as you want to use the keywords in the article headlines and throughout the article.

I have talked about keywords research and keyword research tools extensively in my previous post.  Please give it a  read to learn how to do effective keyword research.

You should spend time learning about keywords research from my article as it is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keyword stuffing( Using too many repeating of the same keyword) is not advisable, however.

Google is very good at identifying the meaning of the sentences. You only need to ensure that your keyword is present at important places like the headlines, URL, and meta description.

Put your focus on the reader and casually drop your keywords here and there in your article.

You should read about keyword research and the tools used for keyword research from the article at the bottom of the SEO made a simple guide in the further reading section.

Content freshness

Google likes you keeping content fresh and updated.

This can be done in two ways. The first way is to post your content frequently and the second way is to keep your content updated constantly adding new information as you find.

You can get amazing results by posting once a month as long as your content is long and in-depth.

Content freshness is important in SEO made simple.

Direct answers

Google sometimes provides searchers with answers directly on the SERP. If you write your content in such a manner that Google recognizes it as an answer to a question, it will turn up directly underneath the search bar.

This is why detailed guides and how-to articles have become so popular. Fancy jargon and complex sentences will neither make your content more readable nor will it help your SEO game.


You should understand the basics of HTML. Running an online business without understanding HTML is like driving a car with no knowledge of traffic lights.

You do not need to be a professional coder to understand HTML. Anyone can learn the basics here. Let’s have a look at the four HTML parts you should work on for every post you write.

We will show you how to use a plugin to edit

Title Tags

Title tags are like the headlines of newspapers. Title tags show up in the browser tab on opening a new page.

The HTML tag of these is known as the title but for blogs, these are known as H1 Tags.

Each page should have 1 H1 tag or heading of the first-order tag to make the title clear to Google.

You should start using title tags today and is very important in our SEO made simple guide.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is excerpts of your description of your article when Google displays pages to its searchers. You can see who has done SEO and who hasn’t by reading the meta description.

The best way to edit both title and meta description is with the help of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.

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It is quite easily the best SEO Plugin available.

  • You can have metadata for your social media accounts.
  • You can make and keep XML sitemaps updated.
  • Google Search Console is integrated out of the box to find and fix problems with your website.

You don’t need to customize each page or manually post, you can create some default settings.

Extra features like keyword analysis and readability analysis can be added.


Subheadings are things every landing page requires.

Subheadings help format your content and give it structure. Subheadings also affect SEO.

You should put your keywords least twice on these subheadings. The ones with H2 or H3 tags.

Keyword Density

You should repeat the keyword 2-3 times in the article to have a good keyword density.


Some programs crawl from one of your webpages onto another page. The better the interlinking of your site, the easier it is for search engines to understand your website better.

Examples of some popular crawler software are

Screaming Frog SEO Spider : SEO made simple

SEO Spider is one SEO tools initially created in 2010. It is informally known as “Screaming Frog.” The clientele of this tool includes the likes of Dell, Disney, and Shazam.

Screenshot 2020 04 24 at 7.29.04 PM - SEO Made Simple: A Guide to Effective SEO Techniques in 2020

This tool quick searches URL’s. It also crawls your website. It checks for broken pages. This feature makes it easy to check if each link is functional instead of manually clicking each link yourself.

Both free and paid versions of SPIDER is available. The free version is limited to 500 URL crawling redirects. For smaller domains, the LITE version of the software works just fine. For $180 a year, you get more advanced features and tech support.

Screenshot 2020 04 24 at 7.31.17 PM - SEO Made Simple: A Guide to Effective SEO Techniques in 2020

A simple plugin called online XML sitemap generator can help you with this job if you are on WordPress.

On-page, SEO might sound like a bit complicated in our SEO made simple guide but once you get a hang of it, it will be pretty easy to do and highly effective to help you rank.

Meta descriptions are very important in SEO made simple.

Off-Page SEO

Now that you re done clearing up things in your article, its important to do SEO off-page. It is a very important point in our SEO made simple guide

You have to increase your Trust factor now.

You should work on having high-quality backlinks from sites with authority like (.edu or. gov domains). There are four ways to build trust.


There are 2 types of authority that you can build:

  • Domain authority is about how well known your domain name is. For example, is authoritative as everyone knows about it.
  • Page authority is about how authoritative the content of a single page is.

Getting editorial links of high quality is key to increasing the authority of your website.

You should try and do the things that will make mainstream media websites to feature you.

It’s not easy and takes a lot of time but it is worth it as links like these are not based on algorithms.

Domain age

Domain age is really important. Search engines prefer older domains. So you can try buying an older and expired domain online.


The quality of your backlinks matters more than the number of backlinks you have. Building quality backlinks is the key to SEO. We will talk about how you can build quality backlinks in our SEO made simple guide.

Ask Bloggers To Interview You

You should mail some bloggers to interview you. If your blog is good enough then other bloggers will be happy to have you on their blog and will interview you. This will bring quality backlinks to your blog and is a very important point in SEO made simple.

Getting interviewed by bloggers is highly recommended in our SEO made simple guide.

Share presentation of your article on Slideshare

Sharing a presentation of your slide on Slideshare will bring in a lot of people who are visiting Slideshare back to your blog and give you quality backlinks in the process.

Sharing slides on Slideshare is very important in SEO made simple.

Make videos and share on youtube

Making videos and sharing them on youtube will be a great help to boost your content reach. Your content will not only get the Youtube video audience but it will also bring high-quality backlinks from Youtube back to your blog.

You should keep this step in mind and start practicing this today. You should prioritize this point in our SEO made simple.

Make infographics and submit

You should make infographics and submit them on infographics submissions sites. This will not only generate traffic as people visiting these sites will come to your blog, but it will also give your blog quality backlinks.

Infographics submission is a very important aspect of SEO made simple.

Join Q/A Websites like Quora

You should join equation and answer websites like Quora where you answer people’s questions and if the question is relevant to your niche or post, you drop your blog link on it there. This also brings traffic from these websites to your blog as well as help build backlinks.


At you can post your article and get several visitors from that website back onto your blog. This also helps build backlinks for your blog. This brings very effective SEO to your blog and is very important in our SEO made simple guide.

Join forums related to your niche

You should join forums related to your niche. This will not only help you stay updated with the things happening your niche but also by posting your content thee you can get quality links to your website back from these forums. This will also greatly help your SEO efforts.

SEO made simple by joining forums related to your niche.

Hire reliable SEO Companies

So now that you read everything about SEO made simple, you must have realized that despite me trying to simplify it in the best way, SEO can still be very complicated. That is where reliable SEO companies come in.

There are a lot of companies that provide SEO services. We tried several SEO service companies and we recommend only Submitcube.

It was the only SEO company that we found as reliable, eager to work, gives daily reports, and doesn’t take 2 months to do a 30-minute job like some other SEO companies we tested.

Here is the landing page of Submitcube.

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Summing Up!

In this article, we learned about SEO made simple, we also learned about the two kinds of SEO that you can do in your blogs. We talked about On-page SEO.

Get your Yoast SEO WordPress plugin today and start doing On-page SEO

Secondly, we learned about off-page SEO techniques in this SEO made simple guide. We learned about authority, domain age, and about how to build backlinks from several sources.

We also learned about reliable companies like which you can contact to do SEO for you and help you grow your online presence by being reliably associated with you. It’s one company that delivers on time and indeed is synonymous with the term SEO made simple.

Further Reading!

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