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5 SEO Keyword Research Tools: Using Effective SEO Keywords Everywhere

The first thing in your SEO strategy should be keyword research.

Before you jump into writing, you should have done abundant research on high volume search terms. If you have found some high volume low completion search terms, then you can proceed to write the content.

SEO Keyword research has the potential to drive the direction of your content is going. SEO keywords help make the content easily searchable and relevant on Google. This is why SEO keyword research is so important.

SEO keyword research can be very meticulous and challenging to do. You have to input a lot of numbers and details. You have to go through and compare lists of keywords. It might be a little hard at the start, but it is very crucial to do. A nicely done keyword research helps lay the foundation that enables you to lay the foundation of your SEO strategy.

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What exactly is SEO Keyword Research?

SEO Keyword research is looking for and analyzing a list of precious SEO keywords for use in SEO copywriting. These keywords help guide the direction of your content and also defines the marketing strategy for your website.

It can contain one word or several. More often than not, it is composed of several words. For example, “coffee,” “coffee shops,” as well as “best coffee shops” are all keywords.

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Why is it important to do SEO Keyword Research?

Just finding high search volume keywords doesn’t cut it. You must ensure that the SEO keywords you use, match with your branding, or product or the service you offer. This also falls in the scope of SEO Keywords research.

If you have undergone thorough and adequate research, you will be able to create a very effective SEO strategy. Having an effective SEO keyword strategy will help you plan well to set a direction for a plan of action to attain your end goals.

Your chosen SEO keywords should be the ones that your target audience search. Only doing this will ensure that all the effort of your page optimization is worthwhile.

It has been seen that closely related keywords have separate search volumes, competition levels, and trends. You should choose a higher volume and more relevant keywords.

How to do SEO Keyword Research the right way?

There are lots of ways of doing keyword research. You can do it manually or use a paid or keyword explorer tool. Whatever you decide, you should also follow several essential steps.

You must follow this step by step guide to effectively and adequately do proper keyword research.

Step 1: You should thoroughly study your niche.

You must figure out the best keywords to optimize your page first. To do this, you need to whether extensive knowledge about your niche first.

By doing this, you will be up to speed with all the latest and newest ideas in your niche, and it will also help you develop several layers to your marketing and SEO strategy.

Here are some ideas about how to study your niche:

  • Communicate with your customers and take feedback from them about the terms they use to describe your brand, service, or products.
  • You should always put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and think from their perspective. If you have to share the offers of the brand with a friend, how would you talk about its offering to them?
  • You should register for the online communities built around the niche of .your product or brand. Going through the forums and social media of such communities will give you an idea about any demand present in your niche and greatly help you grow.

Step 2: Your goals need to be defined

Your end goal needs to be defined. You should ask yourself reflective questions like

  • What kind of a person are you?
  • What is your brand all about?
  • What is it that makes you unique from everyone else?
  • What is your website all about?
  • What are the promises you make to people on your website?

Once you are clear in your head on these points, you can specify what your brands’ mission is all about. Is it a subscriber number that matters to you’re making a sales target within a specific date?

It is imperative to have a defined SEO strategy and plan and have a direction for it. The search terms that you have chosen to use should be in line with your goals. It should be correctly segmented into the different content marketing funnels.

You should write your goals down.  You should draw charts and document these. This top-level SEO keyword research will provide a framework and direction.

Step 3: List of relevant topics should be made

Depending on your primary category, you should break it down into smaller topic buckets.

You should make a list of all related topics to your brand. This helps you rank on Google.  These topics need to be relevant to your business, and it should be related to your buyer personalities.

What are the topics that your target audience searches on Google?

You need to keep this in mind when doing SEO keyword research.

Step 4: You have to create a seed keyword list

If you have broken down your SEO keywords into separate segments of subtopics, you have to start to create a list of seed keywords.

These keywords are related to several topics, SEO keywords that your customers might be seeking on google.

If you are brooding over how to find these focus or seed keywords for your business, it’s a lot easier than it seems. You need to explain what you are offering as naturally as possible, and you must brainstorm how people should be searching for it on Google.

Step 5: Use of excellent keyword research tools

Professional tools can help you rank and do proper paid SEO keyword research. We list here some of the best SEO keyword research tools.


The most comfortable SEO keyword research for a blogger is SEMRUSH.

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It lets you perform keyword research in multiple ways:

  • Finding keywords with the help of Seed Tool
  • Finding keywords which drive traffic to competitors

You can find keywords based on the URL. You must add the URL ( or add your competitors URL), and it will display the list of keywords that rank from that particular page.

The same can be done for a whole website. This makes it much easier to target both short-tail and long-tail keywords. You can target these keywords to beat and win over the competition.

Semrush provides you with accurate keyword data. These are

  • Traffic volume of keyword
  • DIfficulty score of the keyword
  • Reports of the search engine
  • CPC of AdSense

It also gives you a 7-day free trial

The pricing of Semrush is

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You can see SEMrush in action here for the same keywords best SEO tools

semrush - 5 SEO Keyword Research Tools: Using Effective SEO Keywords Everywhere

One page shows the global volume and the keyword difficulty while scrolling down shows the related keywords and the SERP results

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SEMscoop is an SEO keyword research tool best suited to bloggers as it shows keyword difficulty, related keywords SERPs all in one place. It is also a tool geared towards low competition keywords, which can help you rank easily.

It has arguably the prettiest interface and ease of use over the previously mentioned tools.

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The pricing of SEMscoop is

Screenshot 2020 04 30 at 6.37.12 PM - 5 SEO Keyword Research Tools: Using Effective SEO Keywords Everywhere

Here is Semscoop in action for the same search best SEO tools.

123 - 5 SEO Keyword Research Tools: Using Effective SEO Keywords Everywhere

Moz Pro – keyword research tools

Moz Pro is one of the small SEO tools that experts use. Users can’t get enough of the fact that Moz is always up to date despite the changes in Google algorithms.

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You can use the tools in Moz Pro to inspect your website using Moz Pro spider. It help you highlight issues and recommends action. Moz Pro also gives you the ability to track the rankings of your site.

Moz Pro helps you go through hundreds or thousands of keywords per website. Moz Pro helps you to decide which keywords will be best for targeting. Backlink analysis tools also help mix a combination of metrics, including anchor texts in links and estimation of domain authority.

The pricing of Moz Pro is :

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Step 6: Study the intent of the search

Using a high volume search word simply doesn’t cut it anymore as google analyses the intent of the search query these days.

Search intent is the reason for the person searching something on google. Several factors affect the search intent.

  • Why are people searching for particular SEO keywords?
  • Are people searching the SEO keywords because they have a question and are seeking an answer to it?
  • Are the people looking for a particular website?
  • Are people searching to buy something specific?

You should put yourself in the shoes of the target audience. Is there a reason for them to search for your topic? Will they look to do something? Are they looking to solve a problem?

These are the things you should keep in mind when you are a keyword explorer.

Step 7: You should identify long-tail keywords

Seed keywords are often shorter search terms that are related closely to your brand’s main category or topic.

Long-tail keywords are more descriptive SEO keywords. These are related to your smaller buckets of subtopics. The clicks that long-tail keywords get is not that much, but because of their high specificity, they get high conversion rates.

Step 8: Research about your competition

If you research about only your brand, it’s not enough probably. You also have to know what your competitors are up to. The more you understand about the content plane of your industry, the better it is for SEO.

You should follow the competitor during SEO Keyword research. It will help you know how stressful a particular keyword will be to rank. It will also help you find keyword opportunity gaps.

These opportunities present themselves when you discover a keyword that is related to your industry or brand with a low to medium level of competition.

Summing Up!

Once you have successfully followed these steps of SEO keyword research, you will have enough knowledge of how to craft an excellent SEO keywords strategy. You will also know enough about SEO copywriting,

Whatever you are planning to make, be it a blog focused on content, a tiny business, or marketing a brand, you will need proper SEO keyword research to start your marketing and SEO activities.

Doing SEO keyword research can be very taxing and consume a lot of time. It pays off much in the long run. Get Your SEO research tool today and start to rank and see a boom in your visitors

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