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12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

In the previous post, we have discussed in length how to do SEO keyword research. We need to focus on how to write a blog post now.

An excellent blog must have professional-looking images as well as pillar articles. In this tutorial, I am going to tell you about how to write a blog post, where to get content ideas from, how to write excellent content, how to design professional looking images for your blog. 

I will also share with you some tricks with which you can find and manage writers to write articles for your blog. I will help you understand the content flow and tell you about some writing tricks like writing list articles.

Knowing how to write a blog post is key to getting yourself an audience will trust you and keep coming back to you. It will help you build a brand. If you want to be a successful blogger, you should focus on writing excellent content for your blog. Now that we’re done with the introduction. Let’s get started on how to write a blog post.

Writing Pillar Articles

Pillar articles are extensive articles that form the basis of your blog. Every new blog should write at least five pillar articles. Pillar articles are the stepping of how to write a blog post.

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A pillar article has a few essential characteristics

  • It should bring a lot of new readers and backlink from other blogs
  • Despite how big your blog grows, pillar articles should be the foundation of your blog, and you, as well as other readers, continue referring to it from time to time.
  • Pillar articles should bring in traffic from search engines because other webpages will link with it
  • Pillar articles are usually listed in a separate space, usually the start page, so that people can easily access it. It also explains what your blog is all about
  • Pillar articles should not be relevant to a specific period, so even after a year or several years from now, it should still be relevant.

There are no predefined rules about how to write a pillar article, but usually, pillar articles are more than 500 words long. Pillar articles have a lot of pieces of advice and how-to guides. 

This article about how to write a blog post, for example, is the pillar article of my blog.

Pillar articles usually evergreen content. The more pillar articles you have in your blog, the better it is for your blog.

We will discuss some common pillar article concepts for you to use in your blogs. These will the foundation of your journey on how to write a blog post.

Writing How-To Articles

It is a prevalent pillar article concept where you write how-to articles for your niche. You have to keep in mind that you write how-to articles on topics that you understand yourself and have some first-hand experience in.

You should do proper research of which topics are relevant and accessible in your niche

You should remember to try and tell a story if possible as explaining concepts with the help of a story helps the reader understand better.

Write definition articles

Several niches and industries have vital concepts that new readers do not understand. If a particular concept is very complicated, you should create a pillar article that defines the idea and explain what it means and how it can be implemented.

This may sound obvious, but you need to explain to your audience in a straightforward language because they are new to the niche, unlike you.

A good pillar article can be a glossary definition page. You might think that there are websites like Wikipedia which already have terms defined, but it is still a good idea to also have this in your blog so that the readers stay on your blog and can increase page views.

 You should try describing a concept of your niche using your own words. This will help the reader trust you, and the reader will start finding you very credible.

Writing List Articles

List are articles that have titles like “top 5 ways…, top 7 tips..” et cetera. List articles become extremely popular because of some reason. Some guidelines for writing list articles is

  • Less than 20 points are great
  • The title should be compelling and proven
  • You should target 1500 words
  • You should try to avoid list within lists
  • You should have closing remarks

Easily digestible by readers

It has been shown that articles between the 300 to 700-word range successfully pull a lot of traffic. These kinds of articles are beneficial as they are very simple to consume by people with very short attention spans.

You should write easily digestible content that will help you easily generate pillar articles and greatly help you in your journey on how to write a blog post fast.

Practical lessons which people to share with their friends               

Other bloggers subsequently link list articles to other social bookmarking websites and help drive traffic to your blogs. These articles also help you generate backlinks and greatly help you understand how to write a blog post fast.

Originality: Key to how to write a blog post

The content needs to be original and not copied from another blog, as copying an article will lead to a loss of credibility to your readers. You can only know how to write a blog post fast if you focus on originality first.

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So you should write unique content. You can research from anywhere on the internet, but when you write, you should have a lot of knowledge about the subject and write in your own words to avoid DMCA copyright strike on your blog. It will also help your blog be very credible and help you establish credibility and a brand among your readers.

Follow DMCA Guidelines

DMCA stands for the digital millennium copyright act. DMCA Guidelines cant be avoided if you want to know about how to write a blog post fast. You need to always keep this in mind or risk getting lawsuits.

DMCA copyright mostly stands for copyright violations by any third party. It also provides the laws regulations and the procedure and solutions for any such action.

If your content is found to be infringing on the laws of DMCA, then your content can be taken down and also lawsuits can be filed against you. So you have to be very careful about your content. You have to check its originality.

Grammarly premium has a plagiarism checker tool. We talk more about Grammarly below. You should also do a Copyscape analysis of your article before you publish it.

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Copying your URL and pressing on the Go button will tell you if you are infringing anyone’s content.

Use professional tools to get content ideas

There a lot of tools to get content ideas from. We have used most of these rules and have discovered the four most important tools that you require to help with your content writing. Professional tools can greatly help you on your journey of how to write a blog post fast.


One of the best tools for content ideas is Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo can easily tell you if the content you will write about will have any impact or just go down as another content down the pipeline.

buzzsumo - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

This is how Buzzsumo works. I searched the best SEO tools for it to recommend to me the most engaging articles.

grammarly in action - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

We should also look at the pricing of Buzzsumo

buzzsumo pricing - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Go get your license to use Buzzsumo today and write some legendary content!

Article Forge

Article forge helps you automatically generate articles with the help of AI. The articles are forged within a minute and are plagiarism-free.

The articles look almost as if some writer typed them out and it is extremely professional. You simply enter a keyword, wait for 60 seconds, and boom, article forge provides you with the article.

Articleforge comes at. a fraction of what it would cost to hire a writer.

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 12.36.05 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Here is the article forge in action for the keyword’s best SEO tools. I have entered the same keywords as in the post you are reading. Now I don’t use article forge to help with my contents but if you are a professional who needs to know how to write a blog post fast, you should go for article forge.

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 12.46.25 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Upon giving the keywords I want my article on, Articleforge will give you content based on your specifications.

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 12.46.08 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

You can simply download the article and you have content under a minute. Using this tool is one of the most effective tricks you now know about how to write a blog post fast.

The pricing of Articleforge is shown below. It gives a 5-day trial as well.

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 12.52.17 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Now that you know the secret of how to write a blog post fast, get your subscription of Articleforge and start writing!


If you want to copywriting, there is no better tool than WordAi. With the help of this tool, you can take an already existing content and spin it into a differently worded article having the same context.

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 12.57.29 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

WordAi understands the meaning and the context of words and then spins them to create an entirely new content that is plagiarism-free. It understands how words interact with each other.

The quality of article spinning of WordAi is so good that even Google can’t detect it as a spun article. WordAi completely changes the sentence in such a way that there is no connection between the original and the spun sentence.

I will demonstrate the use of WordAi with the sentences of this point. I have chosen the previous two paragraphs I wrote to demonstrate the power. WordAi also lets you import articles from Articleforge.


Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 1.07.51 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

After Spinning, WordAi gave me many unique versions of the spin. You can use any of these spins in your article to greatly speed up how to write a blog post fast process

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 1.10.22 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Word Ai is priced at

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 1.02.35 PM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Word Ai also has a 3-day free trial so that you try it out and become familiar with the tools before buying.

It is one of those tools which will greatly help you in how to write a blog post fast journey.

Write short paragraphs: Concept of clarity in how to write a blog post fast.

Most readers usually have very short attention spans.

So it is ideal for writing two-three lines maximum for each paragraph as it makes the article very easy to read.

You should look for the way this particular article has been formatted to get an idea of using a maximum of two-three lines per paragraph.

You should use professional images for your articles

Readers tend to lose interest if they are just reading texts. To keep the readers engaged, you should use open-sourced, high-quality images.

You don’t necessarily have to click all the pictures of yourself. There are a few websites that provide high-quality images for free use. 

These websites let you download free stock images.

These are

You can download free stock images using this website. Using this free stock photo sites will greatly help you finish making your blog post interesting and is crucial to the process of how to write a blog post fast.

You should focus on writing stories

Reading hard facts and details can be very annoying for the person reading your blog. To remedy this, you should write stories

Having facts presented in the form of stories can help the reader understand the point better and in a more exciting manner. Using stories is a very important factor in how to write a blog post fast.

Also, if you are a brand trying to sell your product having customer testimonials in the form of s can be exciting and can engage the reader into buying your product or service as well.

You should always write for one

You should always keep in mind that your content should be aimed at one person. While writing, you should always refer to your addressee as you or in a singular format.

This makes the reader feel more connected with you and makes you more credible and sound more confident. You should do proper interlinking in your article

You should adequately interlink your articles with other articles that belong to your blog. Internal linking should be accurate. You should use anchor text. The interlinking should also be relevant.

To do a lot of interlinking, you need to have a lot of pages internally in your blog. Proper interlinking is a pillar of how to write a blog post fast.

 So start writing today.

You should use Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that has both a free as well as a paid plan to help you correct grammatical mistakes.

You can input the entire article you have written, and Grammarly will automatically find errors and recommend corrections to your article.

The free version of Grammarly will correct basic mistakes and you have to pay a premium for advanced checking and correction. It also has a chrome extension as well as an android keyboard to check and correct any grammatical errors anywhere.

Grammarly Premium chrome action in action on my blog

Annotation 2020 05 02 030736 - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Here you can see how Grammarly is available for every platform

Annotation 2020 05 02 031034 - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Navigate to the Grammarly page. This is an insight into the tool at work. The interface is very intuitive.

grammarly in action 1 - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

The pricing for Grammarly premium is

Annotation 2020 05 02 032504 - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

You should check out Grammarly and get the annual subscription today

Using closing remarks

You should always put closing remarks in your article.

Closing remarks at the summary of the article and serves as a call to action for the reader.

It also helps clear up any confusion that the reader might have in the article and summarises all the points in one place for quick reference.

If you

You should follow the rule of content flow AIDA

AIDA stands for

  • Attention – Capture the attention of your reader with images or videos
  • Interest- Put your content in such a manner in front of the reader that the reader is bound to feel interested in your content.
  • Desire- Try to develop an interest in your reader for your niche. Tell them stories and anecdotes. Nothing inspires people to act more than a good story or testimonials. Incorporating desire is a very important step in how to write a blog post.
  • Action- Call to action is very important and the final step of content flow. We take action based on whatever you read. So, when you are writing your content. Make sure you put a proper call to action in your content flow to urge the reader to take action.

You will have a perfect content flow if you follow AIDA rules. AIDA rules act as a pillar of how to write a blog post fast.

You should design professional-looking images to put into your blog

Canva is a tool that helps you create professional-looking images to use in your blog.

Canva is one of the digital marketing tools which will help you make very good designs for all kinds of purposes. You do not need to hire a designer every time you need to design something. You can make presentations, posters, responsive presentations, social media, Facebook covers, flyers, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and a lot more.

There are lots of stock images and texts which are completely free to use with Canva. There are multitudes of fonts and free images.

Screenshot 2020 04 19 at 12.43.31 AM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

We recommend you to upgrade to Canva Pro to up your design game. To upgrade, you have to press the Try Canva Pro button. There is usually a 30 day free trial of Canva Pro.

Screenshot 2020 04 19 at 12.45.52 AM - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Canva can be seen in action here. As you can see, Canva can design everything

Annotation 2020 05 02 034025 - 12 Effective Tips on How To Write A Blog Post Fast

The free version of Canva is good for starters but for serious professionals, visual design is a key to success in how to write a blog post fast and canvas delivers amazing results very fast. So get your Canva Pro membership today and you will be on your journey on how to write a blog post fast.

Summing Up!

We have discussed at length all the effective tips on how to write a blog post fast. We discussed pillar articles and the importance of them.

We also discussed the use of Copyscape to check the plagiarism on your blog. You know how to write a blog post fast using Articleforge and WordAI. You should get these tools today.

You also know how to use Grammarly to check if your article is grammatical-error-free and the use of Canva to create engaging infographics for your blog posts. You also know how to use some websites to get free stock images.

With the knowledge of so many tools to aid you in writing a blog post, what is your excuse for not starting to write a blog post today?

Further reading!

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