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How to Use Website Speed Test Tools

The use of website speed test tools is a very effective way of identifying the efficiency of any website. Here are just some of the most common ways for how websites speed test tools can be utilized:

Pinpointing different scripts, codes, and plug-ins causing slow load times (HTML, JavaScript, CSS). o Checking various modifications of your codes. o Locating large graphics resulting in large bottlenecks in your website’s performance. o Identifying if there is the presence of any spyware, adware, or viruses. o Marking your website’s compatibility with different browsers.

The most essential feature of website speed test tools is its ability to provide detailed analysis of every section of your website. In this section, you will receive a clear and detailed report of how your webpage is behaving when it is being loaded. Some of these reports are also known as waterfall breakdown. In this section, you will receive an overview of each different section of your webpage. You will get the summary of how fast your webpage is loading, the total number of visitors who have landed on your webpage, how long the entire webpage took to load, average loading time, the total number of simultaneous visitors to your website, and much more. You will also get to view the differences between your current set up and your ideal setup.

To optimize page load time, you need to identify the problems that are affecting the overall performance. If you do not know how to identify these problems, then you should make use of website speed test tools that will help you. These tools can help you to properly diagnose your website’s overall web performance.

Optimizing your website is very important especially for those websites which are experiencing high levels of traffic. The traffic is the main driving force behind a site. If your website is slow to load, users will avoid visiting your site or they will just click on other less slow but better sites. The better user experience you provide to your visitors, the more successful you will be in terms of search engine optimization. By optimizing your site speed, you will ensure that you provide a faster user experience.

To accurately measure the improvement made in terms of search engine optimization, it is important to run speed tests to confirm your assumptions about your site speed. It is quite common for developers to assume that their site is optimized but in reality, they might not have correctly tested for all the parameters. Uptrends are good to use along with JavaScript performance tools. This way you will get to see what JavaScript errors you are making while you are optimizing your site.

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