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32 Effective and Easy Tips to Get Traffic To Your Website?

Get traffic to your website?

Most Digital Marketers know how to set up a blog and how to perform SEO on their blogs. But how do you get traffic to your website? That is the trick of the trade you need to learn to get a lot of visitors to your site.

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Here we will share 9 effective and easy tips to get traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Targeting topics with a high search volume

A keyword with high search volume and low competition will automatically get more traffic for your website.

So, it is very crucial to do keyword research and pick the keywords which have high search volume and low competition. It is also wise to choose long-tail keywords. I have talked about keyword selection extensively in my previous keywords research tools post.

You can go ahead and read about it now or I will link it at the bottom of this post in the further reading section. You can read about it after you are through with this article.

Effective keyword research can help you get traffic to your website effectively.

Quora Marketing

You can answer existing questions in your niche and establish a certain authority on Quora. It can be said, however, that views in quora are a bit misleading. The real question you should think about is if it sends traffic to your blog.

The answer? Yes, it does.

So, how does one use quora to drive traffic?

There are two steps,

Find the correct questions

Looking for the correct questions to answer

You should look for the right questions to answer. Quora is a site whose content is generated by the users. 

This means that thousands of people are asking questions related to your niche every day.

Any question you answer on quora can show up on Google, so answering questions on Quora and putting your link in the answer can get traffic to your website.

Keep in mind that you should only put links to your blog in only 3 of 7 answers you post. Other quora or any website might see you as a spammer and may block your account.

Another strategy you can use is Quora Ads Hacking

You can set up an ads account on Quora and you can select “Questions Targeting”, from there, you can put in relevant keywords. Quora will suggest the questions you can answer and it will also help you monitor the number of views they are getting weekly.

Answering the questions well

There is only one way to write a good answer

That way is copywriting.

You must make the reader go through your answer, then upvote your answer and share your answer. To do this you have to follow the rules of AIDA which I have talked about in my how to write a blog post article. 

I will link the article at the bottom of this article in the further reading section so that you can go through it.

Attention: You have to capture the reader’s attention with something relevant and catchy.

Interest: Tell the readers some really interesting facts to stir up their interest in your answer.

Desire: You have to make the reader want the service or the product.

Action: You have to urge the reader to take some action and get the product.

Some general tips for good quora answers:

  • Providing value. The moderators of quora will not hesitate to remove your answer if they feel you are only answering to drive value to your website. They don’t mind you linking wherever you want as long as you give meaningful answers.
  • Images should be included. Images help capture the attention of the readers, Using images in answers is a great tip to keep the reader engaged. I have links of free websites to get 
  • Telling stories. As most of the answers on Quora are very boring, telling the reader stories can be a new and exciting experience for the reader.

Pro Tip!

Connecting with owners of “Spaces”

Spaces in Quora are like Facebook groups. These let Quora people form a community and curate their content.

Having one of your answers being shared on a space can get you hundreds of upvotes and thousands of views on Quora. 

So, Quora marketing is very effective to get traffic to your website.

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Join forums relevant to your niche: Great way to get traffic to your website

Join forums relevant to your niche and post your content there. The people there are constantly discussing things relevant to your niche. Answering there will get your people who are interested in particularly your niche.

It is a great way to get traffic to your website. Answering questions and posting about relevant stuff will also make people genuinely interested in your blog posts, especially if they address new things in your niche.

Joining forums can get traffic to your website.

Join Facebook groups relevant to your niche to get traffic to your website

Join all the Facebook groups relevant to your niche. You have to first build trust by posting relevant and useful content in the group.

If your self promotes and spam in the Facebook groups, you will be banned.

It is also very important to build trust with the group admin and maintain strong relationships with them so that the group admin gives you free passes to self promote.

Posting on Facebook groups is a very effective way to get traffic to your blog.

Remember to post your blog link in only 3 out of 7 posts to build trust and not spam.

Twitter marketing

Make a social profile on twitter and one done, go over to twitter, and comment on the link of your blog with a message to people who recently posted about your niche or topic.

You can find such posts simply by searching on twitter and the most recent posts just show up.

LinkedIn Marketing

Make a profile of LinkedIn and search for your topics. Once you find your topics, you should post the link of your blog. 

Remember to post the link of your blog in only 3 out of 7 LinkedIn posts to not appear spammy.

LinkedIn is a great platform to get traffic for your website.

Visit different blogs and comment and review their posts

You should visit several blogs and read their posts.

You should write amazing high-quality reviews and appreciate the authors of these sites. 

You can also suggest some recommendations.

High-quality comments will get traffic to your website.

Guest Blogging

It is a tactic where you write content for other blogs. In exchange for this, the owner of the site lets you link back to your website.

There are significant advantages to Guest Blogging.

  • You can get more referral traffic.
  • You get more backlinks
  • Your brand awareness increases

One of the biggest hurdles to this tactic is finding blogs that will agree to you writing for them.

To get around this issue, you should look for websites or blogs which have a write for us or become a contributor page.

These websites will let you do guests posts.

Doing this will help you immensely to get traffic to your website.

The upside-down guest post

Normally we can see the author bio section on the bottom of the post, which gets ignored by people. And an ignored author’s bio can never generate good traffic on your site. So follow these simple steps to upside down the author’s bio.

This is the first piece of advice for the question, how to increase blog traffic?

Firstly, write a guest post as normally you write, and then put some helpful resources on the same post. Put some additional links on the guest post, and then include your content as one of the links. This trick will help you get traffic to your website.

Upgrade your old blogs 

Find your older posts and try to update them with content related links and resources. Update the contents too according to the recent surveys and data. Input some new strategies and remove the old ones.

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You can use this trick as a traffic generator in your blog through your older posts and will help you in solving the problem of how to get traffic to your website?

Content Optimization

The SEO trend is getting changed with time. Now Google is not only works only through keywords, but it has started to understand the topic.

Put LSI targeted keywords in your content and that will work as a traffic generator for sure as well as solving the problem of how to get traffic to your website?

Content transformation

First check your most popular blogs and contents, which are attracting more traffic. Then put that content on other formats, like YouTube videos, or podcasts.

This will surely provide you with more visitors on your website, act as a traffic generator, and is one of the leading techniques of how get traffic to your website?

Podcasts are ruling now: Important How To get traffic to your website

Here is the trick! Do not go for regular podcasting but try to appear on other’s comments section and get noticed!

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Give this trick a chance and you will see an increased traffic generation on your website.

Podcasts are a solution to the problem of how to get traffic to your website.

Blogger outreach could be your savior

Try to reach a famous blogger and email them normally. Provide them with your post as they are sharing the same kind of topics.

Do not ever ask them to share, if they will like the content they will share automatically.

Relaunch the Content: Recycle Tactic for How To Increase Blog Traffic

If you have improved your old content and updated them, then show it as new content! That will surely help you.

The content should appeal the influencers

Your content should have some share-worthy topics and quality only then the influencers will share it. Try to go for detailed research before writing it and put some unique information.

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Share your content on the influencers groups and wait for the magic!

Giveaway Contest

It can be a good option for you to generate more traffic. You can organize giveaway content, where people need to put their email id first. That will help you to build your email list.

Building an email list is the trade secret for how to get traffic to your website.

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And as the second step, you can ask them to share your content on their social media profiles. That will help you get traffic generation on your website.

Content Share Triggers

Most of the time people fall in the share trigger trap unconsciously. It’s a psychological trick where the content has some texts which bound people to share the contents.

Like a like saying- generally people shares those things which can give them a class in society.- After reading this line, most of the people will share the content to prove their worth!

The more the people share, the more will you implement the knowledge you learned from reading how to get traffic to your website.

Use Facebook ads

You don’t need to push Facebook ads every time, but a little. Use this trick. First, put an ad on Facebook. If you want to learn about how to get more traffic to my blog, you must learn the use of Facebook ads to get more traffic to your website.

It should be the blog link of yours which will take the viewers directly to your blogs or website. Then target the visitors of your previous months and run the ads.

Bounce Rate Reduction

While a bounce rate can damage your website’s traffic generation here is, how you can improve it.

Use bucket brigades, push your content above the folds, short blog post introduction part, using short paragraphs, etc. –Use these tricks, and see these tips about how to increase blog traffic working to give you an ocean of traffic.

Long Content

Now a day’s people love to learn and that’s why long contents get shares more than a short article. The longer article it will, the better share it will get.

For more reference notice how long this article is!

Optimization For Mobile Index

Now Google verifies the mobile version of any website first, as most of the people use mobiles to access the internet.

There are plenty of sites where you can check if your mobile content is optimized or not. Here you will also get tips on how to optimize your website for mobile versions.

Active YouTube Channel

You have a YouTube channel but you are not paying attention to it? Well, remember, a popular Youtube channel always helps to get traffic on your website.

Viral Contents

Generally, viral contents come with many images, graphics, or videos. So if you put any of these visual contents on your article that will automatically grab the attention of the viewers.

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And to know more about the viral thing, people have tended to go through all links provided to them. So that will also a plus point to create content on viral topics.

Try Quuu

It is an amazing site where you can put your content, and the website will ask the influencers to share them.

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The pricing of Quuu is

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Republish Old contents

On Linkedin, you can republish your old articles, which were liked by people at that time. So here you can modify the content and make it updated. Then share it with LinkedIn.

If people will like the post they will share it. That will help you to practice the things you loved from this article about how to get traffic to your website?

Give a try to question analyzer

For this, you need to go through the internet and come up with lists of the questions asked by your target audiences. Now create your content with the answers.

If you can create content based on the answers, you will know the effective trick of how to get more traffic to my blog. Working on customer feedback is something most successful companies in the world practice.

Tempting social media post contents

Add contents to your posts and trust me that will genuinely beloved by people. Give them a reason to love, laugh, and live some moments in happiness through your content. 

Try to use bullet points to make it more accurate.

If you are well-loved by the people, you won’t even have to think about how to get traffic to your website. People will just flock to your blog as they will love you.

Improve CTR

A higher rank is good and with a low CTR cannot make it worthy. So it would be better if you look for a correct click-through rate rather than a higher rank in Google search.

Improved CTR will help you get traffic to your website. Put members in the content heading, add meta description, use emotional titles- can help you to create better CTR.

List Posts

List posts work faster and more convincing in terms of traffic generation. It attracts more than 5X faster traffic on your website. So try to post list posts often.

Competitors traffic sources

There is a free site similar web where you can see any website’s traffic generation. So here you can get a brief look at your competitor’s traffic sources too!

But yeah, you have to choose a catchy name to attract people. Attracting people is the answer key to the question of how to get traffic to your website?

Syndicate the content can help accelerate the things we talk about here in the article about how to get traffic to your website? What you need to do is repost your content on the medium site and that will help you get viewers on your website.

Share your post from medium to social media platforms.

Hire a company to do the heavy lifting for you

If you are a small business or have other areas to focus on, you can choose to hire a professional SEO company to drive traffic to your website like Submitcube.

They are very old and reliable to drive traffic to your website. You can go to their website and check out their very affordable pricing to drive traffic to your website.

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Summing Up!

We have talked to 9 effective tips to get traffic to your website.

If you follow these 9 tips to get traffic to your website, that is proper keyword research, writing guest posts, marketing on social platforms, forums, and answering questions on Quora you can easily get traffic to your website.

Take action today!

Further reading!

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