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Blog Niche Ideas : 8 Best Tips to Get Profitable Ideas!

Want to make a mark on the world in 2020?

You have to pick a good Blog Niche Ideas first to do that first.

You can be a blogger, a digital marketer, or into eCommerce. There are a bunch of little niches you can carve out for yourself in the digital landscape. You have to find a niche that makes you profit as well as something you are passionate about.

This won’t happen instantly. Choosing one from the millions of blog niche ideas can be time-consuming and is a problem this post will try to address.

You need to go through the online digital marketplaces of Amazon, the various social media, and do proper research.

Niches will make you a lot of profit and success as an online entrepreneur.

How to choose the best blog niche ideas from a bunch of ideas for blogging in 2020

You should do a lot of research to choose the niche best for you from a list of blog niche ideas

The research comes in the first place because it is really important to choose the right blog niche ideas!

You need to figure out the right niche for you which is based on what you are interested in. It also should correlate directly with the existing market demands.

  • Simply picking a niche you are passionate about won’t make you a lot of money. You will find it very hard to make money from something like that.
  • You should research about how profitable the niche is. You can’t build a business that makes a profit if there is not a market for such a thing.

If you want to know how to do choosing blog niche ideas the right way, you should follow the three basic steps for researching blog niche ideas.

Conceive the blog niche ideas!

You need to make a possible list of ideas for your business. When brainstorming ideas, you need to ask yourself any of these 4 questions.

  • What are your biggest interests and passion?
  • What niche do you see as a hobby?
  • You could have some previous work experience that you can turn into a business.
  • What is the kind of business that you want to do? What is the business that you consider a dream business?

Take a notepad or a memo app on your phone and jot the answers to these questions down.

You should select the top 5 niches for shortlisting the blog niche ideas we are passionate about

You should pick the ideas that interest you. You have to keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of time working on this.

So, you should go for a niche you are interested in or passionate about. Not being interested in the niche will lead to you not enjoying the niche and you will end up losing motivation for working hard to make the niche a success.

So, you have to pen down some of your top picks first.

Your interests come first and are detrimental to choosing the best blog niche ideas.

Find out how profitable the niche is

You have to now determine if there is any profit to be made from your niche. You can research the profitability of your niche online.

You can research the people or brands who are your potential competitors. You can look at the reports of the income some bloggers share. This is a really easy method to know how profitable a niche is.

No matter which niche you choose, you can follow certain steps

Look for specific keywords in your niche: You need to look for topics that are broad and also topics that reflect more specific aspects of your niche.

Taking a fashion blog as an example,  you can look for women’s fashion which is a broad keyword or men’s denim which is a more specific keyword in the fashion niche.

Look at the search results for your keywords

You can go to websites that are dedicated to that keyword. Read their blogs as well as articles. Finding competition is good as it ensures that your niche is profitable.

It means that you already have a market that is willing to spend and prepared to buy.

If there are no search results for your topic, there probably aren’t many takers to your niche.

You must perform proper extensive keyword research

Using Google Keywords Planner, you can signup for Adwords completely free and look for those same keywords.

You need to ensure that your main keyword has at least 10,000 searches and there are at least 50,000 searches for all your combined keywords.

Having this kind of high search volume is the winning formula for a successful business.

  1. You need to put your main keywords in the search box.
  2. The results page will show you the search volume of the keyword you entered.
  3. You can also check related keywords to get more of an idea about your keywords.

Screenshot 2020 06 17 at 9.59.39 PM - Blog Niche Ideas : 8 Best Tips to Get Profitable Ideas!

You can also use Amazon Affiliates for keyword research

Screenshot 2020 06 17 at 9.31.44 PM - Blog Niche Ideas : 8 Best Tips to Get Profitable Ideas!

Here I have searched for fashion dresses for women and amazon is suggesting a list of keywords as you can see which can be used in the fashion blog niche ideas category!

Look for Affiliate Products in your Niche for choosing the Best from Blog Niche Ideas

You should ensure that your blog has affiliate products. Plugins will help you check affiliate products.

A lot of products and services have affiliate links on the website of the vendors. You will find these in the ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Partners’ section.

For Example

GeneratePress Theme – has a link for affiliates at the bottom of their website. There is also a page dedicated to affiliates.

Hostgator Hosting– at the bottom of the web page, there is a link for the affiliate program of Hostgator hosting.

You can go to an Affiliate marketplace where affiliate plugins are sold. These sites include JVZoo, ShareASale or Clickbank, etc.

Screenshot 2020 06 17 at 10.03.25 PM - Blog Niche Ideas : 8 Best Tips to Get Profitable Ideas!

If people make money in your niche, there is probably a market that you can make a profit out of for your niche.

  • You can check the Alltop website and seek and find all the best and top blogs in your niche.
  • You should check these blogs to see how they are being monetized.

You must remember, whatever content you put up in your blog must have your style of writing. It should also have your perspective on things.

You have to do this to ensure that your reader likes to read your take better than other bloggers writing the same thing.

You have to aim to be an expert in your niche. Only then can you start selling products or your services. This is another way to make money from the niche you have chosen from all your blog niche ideas.

Having affiliate products is important while choosing the best one from the several blog niche ideas of yours.

You can use SPY Tools to Research more about your blog niche ideas

We will tell you about four tools you can use to do niche research

  1. SEMrush comes first: SEMrush helps you not only do niche research but also helps you come up with blog post ideas. SEMrush helps you get an insight into people who are your competitors.
  2. Long Tail Pro: Seed Keywords can be added and you can put in filters to find out the best keywords. You can find popular search terms that are pulled from google itself. You can then use Moz API to gauge the competition of the targetted keywords.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: This is a free tool and it lets you do keyword research and is from Google itself.
  4. Google Trends: You can see whether your niche is hip or not over time and it’s popularity curve as well. Keeping track of keyword trends is important. Google Trends lets you do this free of cost.

You need to now make a list of the things you are into. Things you have expertise in or things that are profitable. You need to also put in a lot of thought before picking your niche.

You need to do a proper analysis of your competition

You might be researching your customers a lot but if you want to be the top player in your niche, you have to spend a lot of time researching your competition.

Researching your competition will be able to give you a lot of information which will help you to take your website to the top of Google.

Researching high authority blogs will give you an idea of what it is that established people are publishing and ideas to increase engagement from them.

You should google search to see how many websites related to your keywords show up.

You will be able to get an idea about the potential size of your competition. So you need to set some sites you will be monitoring and checking.

This can however take up a lot of time. The good news is, there are certain tools that can help and speed up your work.

These tools will help you spy on your competition and help break down how they make money, the kind of content that’s working for them, and the type of marketing strategies they are using.

  • SEMrush: With this tool, you can enter the competitor’s names using and it will enable you to get a list of the top 10 keywords which drive traffic to your competitors. It will also show you how much average monthly search volume, your keyword has.
  • Moz: Moz has a proprietary ranking algorithm and it ranks millions of websites using their algorithms with a 0 to 100 marking scheme. Domains with high domain authority are more influential domain names. Individual website pages are also ranked and the page authority is determined by rating them from 0 to 100.

You should ideally spend a good amount of time analyzing the performance of your competitors. If you use the correct tools, however, you can make this process easier for yourself.

It is really essential to research your competition. If you know what works for them, you can easily replicate it to do your own thing.

SPY research is a very important part of researching for blog niche ideas.

You can check the forums that are available for your niche

Forums are places where people interact with one another and ask and discuss things that are related to the niche that you chose.

Looking for a forum is really easy.

To do it just Google “niche name+ forum”

For example “music+forum” leads to

You can join any of these forums to go through people’s discussions about your niche.

Entering the forum threads will enable you to see what people are discussing in your threads.

The words they use will enhance your vocabulary about things you can use in your niche and also give you topic ideas to write about.

Using Quora for niche content ideas+ Promoting your content

Quora is basically kind of like Wikipedia with a community which answers your questions. Quora is a goldmine for niche marketers and content creators.

It has often been considered as one of the major news sites in the world.

Quora is full of real, scary, cold, and bizarre stuff. This makes it the most ideal place to do content research for your niche. Quora is also an amazing promotional tool.

  1. Quora gets a lot of traffic. Quora does mailouts frequently which drives traffic to their site. They also encourage people to create an account with them. This enables Quora to create a perception of a community. This allows quora to get web traffic on repeat.
  2. Quora does content mostly unfiltered- the weird, cool and strange can all be found on Quora.

Using Quora

  1. Quora helps you survey audiences and acts as a tool to do content research.
  2. You can do a blog about the roundup of answers on Quora.
  3. You need to make a quora account which is niche-based in order to build credibility and to drive traffic back to your website.
  4. If you pick the right questions to answers, you can get featured on huge websites!
  5. You have to try to drive traffic from Quora to your blog or website by citing it in your answers.

Quora will provide you with a lot of blog niche ideas.

Hacks for Blog Niche Ideas Research

So, you must have thought about your own blog niche ideas. You may have thought about the niche strategies that can work for you. So, where can you find the blog niche ideas?

  1. Keyword research is a good place to start: You need to cover all aspects of your niche. Leave nothing unturned. Find all the keywords thematically linked to your niche.
  2. Look at your niche community for content: Seek for content from your community. Ideas, topics, opinion polls, surveys. Most of the contents which perform best online are user-generated.
  3. You have to post content on a timely basis: You should plan content out well in advance. Planning in advance helps you achieve your target better.
  4. Consistency is key: If you can create an expectation about your content, people will consider you a part of their content consumption habit.
  5. Invest in thorough content: It takes more effort to create thorough and detailed content. You have to try to make in-depth guides. Your content needs to be snappy and short. This will make it likely for people to share your content.

You need to continually plan your content and keep working to make your content better with time. You can’t just put something up hoping it will succeed. You need to plan the ROI on your content.

These hacks will greatly help with conceiving blog niche ideas!

You have to create a legacy to get ahead of your competition

People like a brand with a face. A brand without an identity won’t sell as many products. One of the first things to do is to get yourself out of your “niche marketer” shoes and step into “brand marketer” shoes.

This will enable a long term and sustainable future for your brand.

  1. Come up with a story that is credible: It can be a backstory of your brand and also talk about what your brands are trying to achieve: Your story should incorporate your passion and be a little bit insightful.
  2. Your branding does not need to be expensive: Your branding should instead focus on connecting with people and showcase your commitment to your customers.
  3. Your brand which was niche-based might quickly get traction and grow really fast: You need to put in hours to become successful at it.

Creating a brand legacy is very important to keep in mind when thinking about blog niche ideas.

Summing Up!

We talked about how you can get some amazing blog niche ideas that can make you money quickly and also about how to use tools/spy research on your competitors to grow your own business.

So what are you waiting for? Take out a pen and paper and jot down some of your favorite blog niche ideas and then research them extensively for affiliate links and competition.

This way it will be very easy to sort through the several blog niche ideas you have. Get the tools we spoke about in the article and you are about good to go and build your own niche business from all your blog niche ideas today!

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